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My goal is to help folks in People and Culture leadership roles have a “phone-a-friend”– a trusted advisor who has a unique appreciation for their challenges. The “Great Reshuffle” has ignited the “Great Awakening” for companies. More and more CEOs and their Boards of Directors have recognized that it’s imperative to have a holistic people-first strategy, led by an experienced executive.  This has driven incredible demand for seasoned People and Culture leaders.  This supply and demand dynamic inspired me to start this company.  What if I could help develop this next generation of People and Culture leaders, so there is no longer a shortage for great CPO/CHRO talent? How could I use my skills and expertise to make an impact? 

And with that, Lucky 13 Advisors was born.

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The Story Behind the Name

I don’t believe that my career advanced through luck, but I do love the symbolism of having a lucky charm. Lucky charms can inspire feelings of hope, safety, confidence and excitement. The number 13 has always been lucky for my family–it shows up all the time, and in the best ways.  When choosing the name for my company, I kept coming back to Lucky 13 because when my clients hire me, I want them to feel like they have a little bit of luck in their corner, in addition to a whole lot of expertise.

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