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I have 25+ years of experience and perspective, working across top biotech and high-growth technology companies. I’ve had the privilege of growing my career as a people executive, and love sharing my knowledge to help and uplift others. 

I’ve built the HR function from scratch many times over, with scalable playbooks across people, talent and culture strategies. I excel at getting to the root of the problem, and solving it, not just the symptoms. I have a reputation for excellence -  always starting from a place of trust and transparency. I’m known for leading empathetically, strategically, and advancing HR strategy through creativity and innovation. I’m someone who believes in sponsorship, mentorship and bringing people along in the journey.

I’m a founding member of Chief San Francisco, proud mother to 3 children, and when I’m not working, you can find me rocking out to live music, traveling to my favorite spots, growing and arranging flowers and hosting family and friends for epic gatherings. 

Get To Know Me: About Me
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